Green Hut


Lower floor area: 123 square metres

Lofts:  65 square metres

Construction Plans for Green Hut:

$12,000 + GST

Approximate Build Cost Green Hut:      

$ 3000 - 3500 per square metre (inc GST)


Designed to generate more energy than it uses, the green hut is built with structurally insulated panels (SIPS) to create a high performance envelope, airtight external envelope.   The design includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the lower floor with a storage loft and separate additional bedroom loft over the bedroom wings.   The Green Hut has an open plan living & kitchen area with volume & skylights to create a warm bright space.   Energy efficient lighting and appliances & a grid tied 5kw PV system with battery storage means power bills are practically non existent in this hut.  

The Parklands house built from this design will feature in the Christchurch 2018 Superhome Tour.  The home has recently been rated at Greenstar 8.

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