Featured in Green Modern book & amp; The Press article


One of the Black Hut designs, Office Road Hut in Merivale, Christchurch has been featured in Claire McCall’s new book, Green Modern and is the subject of this recent article in the The Press.

“… A Christchurch house built in just 14 weeks was a direct response to the 2011 quakes – able to withstand movement, and small and flexible enough to be able to be shifted to another site, on the back of a truck, if necessary.

Dubbed the Black Hut, the 97 square metre home was constructed on a long, narrow site in Merivale, owned by Carolyn Hughes and Sandie O’Brien. Elevated 600 mm off the ground in case of flooding or liquefaction, it was clad in timber and lined with ply, with a timber foundation, in case they decided to shift it down the track.

In fact, says architectural designer Fiona MacPherson, the house was built on a temporary building permit of five years, so that if the owners decide to move it on, they can easily shift the structure to a new location. It was intentionally built at 4.8m high – the maximum height allowable to transport a building on a truck.”

Featured on TV as a ‘House of the Future’

Our Office Road Hut Design (in Merivale, Christchurch) was extensively featured on Seven Sharp’s recent program titled ‘Houses of the Future’.

As the presenter said, “You could compare this house to Richie McCaw – it’s not flashy, there’s no sidesteps happening in this house. A to B, we get a World Cup, thank you very much … We’ve got to get our heads around living in a more compact life.”