Not Kit Set Homes / Healthy Hut Update

As we kick in to a new year we have started taking a close look at who is visiting us here on the Black Hut website. One thing that stands out is the google searches being associated to Black Hut Designs one in particular is ‘Kit Set Homes’. As much as we believe that panelisation is the future for construction and we would love to offer kit set options, it is not a space we are currently involved in. Black Hut are designers who offer plans, we are happy to recommend builders for your project as we know a few who love building Huts! We will always keep you updated in our progress in this space as it is something we would love to offer at some stage.

On a lighter note! One of Black Hut’s projects mentioned in a previous post is approaching the finish line! The Healthy Huts in Christchurch have been documented through their journey by the team at IC Builders. Click the name to go to their Facebook page and check out the progress updates.

Take a look at a few shots taken this morning of the stunning charred Siberian Larch by Chartek and crisp white paneling interior walls. The ceiling are lined with Strandboard oiled black which gives a textured effect when hit with light. Interior paints and oils supplied by The Natural Paint Company. The combination of skylights and vaulted ceilings give an immense feeling of space in these 70m2 homes. Lighting is simply an LED strip down the ridge giving an overall clean finish to the ceiling. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we post more about the materials and finishes as the vision comes to life!

If you would like to learn more about the Healthy Huts please don’t hesitate to get in touch.