Our range of small buildings focuses on energy efficient, non toxic, simple architecture.  Having a predesigned range enables us to explore different building techniques and offer full construction drawings to the public cost effectively and far quicker than starting from scratch.   We are not builders but we do have links to builders who can provide pricing and build for you.

Our Story

Black Hut Designs originated as a response to the earthquakes.  People in Canterbury lost their homes and their crockery amongst other things and for some this forced a reconsideration of values.   At Black Hut we started with small resilient designs which could be easily moved out of trouble similar to the original occupants of Aotearoa.   Over time we have realised connection to land and place is equally important not only to people here in Christchurch but across New Zealand.  Our focus has changed along our journey to designing resilient high performance buildings exploring sustainable non-toxic materials which can withstand not only the test of time but successfully maintain their connection to the land.


Our sketch plans provided within our design section outline the materials we have chosen for each building and the build technique.  All our designs can be modified to suit your needs and location and are suitable for use anywhere in New Zealand.  Refer to our frequently asked questions for further information.  Check out our blog to hear about the most recent developments happening here at Black Hut.